The Handicap & Talents certificate, an educational tool “made in ESSEC” to promote inclusive management

Launched by Elisabeth Forget ESSEC group disability référent, the Handicap & Talents Certificate aims to train the ESSEC community to face the challenges raised by disability in the workplace and to strengthen their position as an inclusive manager, by following during a month a bilingual French-English program of 12 conferences 100% online.

Sponsored by Professor Junko Takagi, Director of the Leadership and Diversity Chair (author of the article Flip or Whiteboard: What’s your choice?) and Laurent Bibard, Professor of Philosophy and Management (author of two articles on Pedagolab), the Handicap & Talents certification program is structured around 4 themes: philosophy & diversity, legal framework, company disability employment policies & innovations and testimonials.

Since 2021, the certificate has been opened to students from CY Alliance schools, thanks a new partnership agreement.

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On the occasion of the launch of the 2023 edition, Laurent Bibard, sponsor since 2015, answered our questions.

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