Legal Framework of educational Documents

Professor at ESSEC, do you use documents to illustrate your lessons, or produce them as part of your teaching and research? This guide will help you make sure you do so while respecting copyright.

The Guide is organized in four parts :

  • First a Glossary helps understand each important notion related to the legal framework of pedagogical documents, such as the Educational exception, the right of citation or to private copying. Definitions of main concepts of literary intellectual property are also provided : moral and property rights, copyright, citation and private copying rights, as well as a clear presentation of the objects and operators involved : content, audiovisual and multimedia works, collective and collaborative works, CFC…etc.
  • Second, the context specific to ESSEC is drawn, regarding to our contracts with the CFC (Centre Français du Droit de Copie) enabling us to apply private copying and educational exception right.
  • Third and fourth are explained through Frequently Asked Questions, situations when professors use or create pedagogical content, whether it can be in a face-to face class, for an online course or course website, or for potential external diffusion as in a MOOC, a Case Study or Videos. A small chapter is added to answer Frequently Asked Questions addressed by Students to their Professors on the subject of how to develop legal best practices during their curriculum.

This guide will help you answer the different questions you ask yourself depending on the context, by appealing to the law in a simple and pragmatic way, in relation to the precise and real situations of teaching or research that you meet.

Each important notion has been schematized in this guide in graphical and synthetic form in order to facilitate the understanding and appropriation of the behavior to be followed.

The link to the legal reference texts is made for each of the concepts addressed in the cases described, recalled in the diagrams, and reproduced in the appendix to the guide.

All the concepts applicable to the situations described (copyright, its scope and its exceptions) are listed in the lexicon of the Legal Faq.

Legal Framework of Educational Documents

A French version of the Legal FAQ is also available.

If you have any questions about this FAQ, or in relation to your practices, please contact Mathilde Cocherel.