Call for Applications “Daniel Tixier” Pedagogical Experience Award – Fall 2020

Introduction and background

The mission of ESSEC is, among others, to develop bold pioneers and influential leaders and to enlighten actions of businesses and organizations as well as the changes in the society. Learning goals focus on acquiring concepts and methods, by linking theory and practice, but also on mastering complexity and uncertainty, together with the integration of social, environmental and ethical issues.

Within this framework, the ESSEC Foundation aims to reward an original Pedagogical Experience. The award amount is 3.000 euros.

Which Pedagogical Experience is eligible?

All pedagogical experiences involving students in initial training programs or participants in Executive Education (for example, but not limited to: a Chair, a course, a seminar, a business game simulation, etc.) are eligible. The experience must be innovative and proven to be successful, benefitting or not from the use of new technologies.

Submission of the application

The application shall be submitted by an ESSEC Faculty member. Normally, it should not exceed ten pages, accompanied by annexes if necessary.

It should include:

  • A description of the pedagogical objectives ‐the Jury must be able to understand the innovative pedagogical purpose of the experience
  • An indication of how the achievement of the pedagogical objectives is assessed
  • A presentation of the pedagogical experience: principles, audience and procedures, rules or processes
  • A summary of the quantitative evaluations and qualitative comments over the past 3 years by the students/participants
  • When possible, testimonials by former students/participants or any other element which may seem relevant
  • A CV of the applicant(s)

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria are based on:

  • The innovative nature of the experience, within ESSEC, but also in relation with the outside world
  • The consistency with ESSEC’s strategy
  • The impact, namely defined by the:
    • Number of students/participants involved
    • “Transformation” achieved in the learning process in terms of knowledge, skills, awareness, etc.
    • The possibility of the experience to be further deployed within ESSEC, and beyond.

The application should contain information that allows assessing these criteria.

The Jury selecting the winners is made of:

  • President of the ESSEC Foundation
  • Executive Director of the ESSEC Foundation
  • Dean & President of Group ESSEC
  • Dean of Faculty
  • Associate Dean for Research
  • Associate Dean for PhD Program
  • Associate Dean for Pedagogy
  • Associate Dean of Faculty

Please send your application to Valérie Faregna before January 11th 2021.