The Case Netflix: Disrupting Digital Streaming won a prize a prize from the Case centre in 2021

The Case Netflix: Disrupting Digital Streaming from ESSEC Management Professor Ashok Som won a prize from the Case Centre as a Bestseller in Strategy and Management for 2021

Lists of the top fifteen best-selling cases in 10 major subject areas are established each year :  Case Method, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Finance, HRM, IT, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategy. Technology is one of the top topics of interest in those cases, featuring companies such as Netflix, Windows, Google, Apple, and Uber, and also Amazon, Airbnb, Tesla within the ten most popular cases of all categories.

The case “Netflix: Disrupting Digital Streaming” is about how the company has become a leader in its field with a disruptive innovation, the subscription video-on-demand (VoD) online streaming service, and is now confronted with new competitors and challenges of internationalization. 

Congratulations to Professor Ashok Som!