Chalk and Pixels

A breath of digital into the classroom

By Cristina Terra, Professor of Economics, Academic Director of IMD track, Global BBA. Christina believes that human connection is the most efficient driver of the learning process, and that digital technology may be used as a tool to enhance interaction and participatory learning.

Cristina Terra received the “Daniel Tixier” Pedagogical Experience award.

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Count, Think and Live!

Teaching in the Time of Lockdown

By Chrystelle Richard, Associate Professor of Financial Accounting and Sustainable Reporting. Chrystelle sees her teaching as the transmission of a treasure that is knowledge. She offers her students a demanding curriculum of techniques and expertise that are essential to the conquest of their own freedom to think and decide.

Chrystelle Richard received the Teaching Excellence award 2021, in the category “Permanent Professors”.

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Call for Applications “Daniel Tixier” Pedagogical Experience Award – Fall 2018

Introduction and background

According to the mission statement of ESSEC, which is among others to “develop bold pioneers and influential leaders” (…) and “to enlighten actions of businesses and organizations as well as the changes in the society”, learning goals focus on acquiring concepts and methods, by linking theory and practice, but also on mastering complexity and uncertainty, together with the integration of social, environmental and ethical issues.

Within this framework, the ESSEC Foundation aims to reward an original Pedagogical Experience. The award amount is 3000 euros. Lire la suite »

Tenth Edition of Short Story Awards Ceremony

Celebrating the 10th Edition of the Short Story Awards Ceremony

By Michael Kouklakis, Director – Department of Languages & Cultures. As an educational practitioner interested in utopian praxes, Michael strives to create, develop or encourage the emergence of transformative, meaningful and significant learning experiences in collaborative settings with students and colleagues alike.

The Event

On June 6th a little before noon, a group of people started trickling into the Learning Center and gathered on the ground floor at the back of the library where a podium had been installed for what was to be a special event. Organized every year by ESSEC’s Languages & Cultures Department, the 10th edition of the Short Story Awards Ceremony is an occasion to recognize and celebrate the creativity and excellence of our student writers.Lire la suite »

Male-only Oscars? Why gender matters for teaching awards

By Anne JENY, Professor of Accounting. Anne strongly believes that research and teaching nurture each other, she favors interactive pedagogy in her courses (case studies, group projects, companies interventions) & Laurence LESCOURRET, Associate Professor of Finance. To Laurence, teaching is transmitting knowledge by using a mix of lessons, interactive methods (like teaching games or cases) and students/participants feedback.

Why are there different interpretive awards for actors and actresses, but no consideration of gender in teacher performance evaluations in the classroom? It has been shown for many years that there is a gender bias in student assessmentsLire la suite »

5th ESSEC Foundation Award Ceremony

By Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean for Pedagogy at ESSEC Business School. Emmanuelle writes Cases studies and teaches Case Study Method for the French Clearing house CCMP. More generally, she favors in her teaching interactive methods, such as case studies, project groups, in partnership with companies. 

On March 9th, the 5th ESSEC Foundation Award Ceremony took place in Paris, in the Palais Potocki Headquarters of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris – Ile de France.Lire la suite »