‘Mini Cases’ for a ‘mini-attention-span’ world!

By Javaiz Parappathodi, a PhD candidate in Operations and Data Analytics at ESSEC since 2019. Javaiz has recently joined Durham University, UK as a teaching fellow this September. His research interests are humanitarian logistics, modern slavery and ‘co-opetition’ between firms.

Javaiz taught Operations Management for ESSEC Global BBA students.

How was your experience? Did you enjoy it?

I absolutely loved the experience. Reaffirmed the feeling that, for a change, I picked the right career this time.

How did you prepare?

Preparation was the most difficult part in the whole process. I had all the freedom that I wanted in deciding the course content and direction, thanks to the confidence shown by ESSEC on my capabilities. So, I wanted to completely design the course from start to finish.

I started from the scratch. I prepared the content for each and every session by myself and thoroughly enjoyed the process as well. I also devised my own evaluation strategy (obviously within the guidelines established by the program). I learnt as much as the students at the end of the process.

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Harmonizing teaching and research: embracing the lecture-based method as a junior researcher

By Huali WU, 5th year PhD student in Economics at ESSEC.

Huali taught for the first time the course Growth and Development in the ESSEC Grande Ecole Program.

How was your experience ? Did you enjoy it ?

I enjoy sharing important knowledge with the students.

What tools or teaching methods did you use? ( Kahoo, Beekast, cases, …)

I used a lecture-based teaching method. In this course, it is crucial to understand the definitions, to know what questions are being asked, and to master the relevant frameworks to answer the questions. Therefore, when I taught, I always discussed the definitions in detail, described the facts with data that raised questions, emphasized the questions that each model or each theory answered, and presented the theoretical frameworks. Moreover, I also introduced additional reading material to show how good researchers have criticized or extended the existing understanding.

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‘Wednesday Night Live’: Socratic Method, Entertainment, and Deep Life Questions at room PA102

By Roman PAVLYUCHENKO, 4th year PhD Student in Marketing at ESSEC.

Roman taught for the first time the course Principles of Marketing in the ESSEC Global BBA program.

How was your experience? Did you enjoy it?

Loved it!

How did you prepare?

I read the textbook, and I read the slides prepared by the course administrator. And then, reflected on how every aspect can be ‘spiced up’ from my own research experience.

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Un nouvel espace pédagogique collaboratif disponible pour les professeurs et chargé(e)s de cours de l’ESSEC

English version below

Suite à l’atelier pédagogique du 7 avril 2022 (autour de l’évaluation par les pairs dans les groupes de travail), et à l’initiative de plusieurs professeurs, un espace pédagogique collaboratif a été créé sur Moodle, pour permettre aux professeurs et chargé(e)s de cours de l’ESSEC de partager leurs ressources, leurs expériences et leurs activités Moodle.

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Apply for the first edition of the CGE award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning!

Educational innovation is a priority for the grandes écoles. The CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) is very active in this area, and takes a collective approach to the challenges of innovation in education, with all of its members. In order to reward schools that are particularly involved in this dynamic, the CGE is launching its first Educational Innovation Award.

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“How I survived teaching a massive online course”

Read the testimony of a survivor and learn some tips to survive too

By Adrian Zicari, Professor of Accounting and Management Control and the K-lab team

The first pedagogical workshop took place on February 3rd, co-organised by Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Associate Dean for Pedagogy and the K-lab team. 

The purpose of the workshop was twofold: presenting Professor Zicari’s experience with teaching an online course and some of the digital tools that can help teaching. 20 external lecturers and Faculty attended the workshop, discussing with Prof. Zicari and sharing their own experiences.

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The New Learning Experience 

By Jeroen Rombouts, Professor of Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics

Jeroen Rombouts received the special jury award (along with Florence Cavelius).

I would like to express my gratitude for this great award from the ESSEC Foundation. As data and analytics research professor and holder of the Strategic Business Analytics Chair sponsored by Accenture, it is a great honour to be rewarded with a teaching prize.

Teaching post pandemic will need to incorporate the positive aspects of online learning that ESSEC professors had to master in a few weeks rather than a few years.

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Hybrid classes transform learning

A conversation with professors at Hult, IE and IMD

Global focus, the EFMD Business Magazine gathered professors from three international business schools to talk about teaching transformation triggered by the Covid pandemic. From course design to student assessment, how professors can manage student engagement and hybrid learning? Professors at Hult, IE and IMD share their experience.

Read the article published on global focus, the EFMD Business Magazine.

Le dit de l’écrit : utilisation du slam comme méthode pédagogique

Par Michel Verneuil, Professeur de Français Langue Étrangère

Au sein du Département de Langues et Cultures, Christophe Brooke, Professeur d’anglais, et Michel Verneuil, professeur de FLE, ont eu l’idée d’utiliser le slam dans l’enseignement des langues à l’ESSEC, avec les étudiants BBA internationaux de niveaux avancés, intermédiaires et MSC.

Les deux professeurs ont présenté les réalisations, des étudiants, au séminaire de langues les 11 et 12 décembre 2019 à l’ESSEC.

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