By Sophie Magnanou, Director of K-Lab and Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Associated Dean for Pedagogy

ESSEC is implementing some features from the Learning Management System Moodle.
These solutions, implemented in many educational institutions, can adapt to our pedagogical practices, and allow to integrate, in a modular way, educational activities and contents.

Why this solution ?

These solutions will make it possible to overcome the different constraints of our current tools, which are partly obsolete and not very ergonomic. The goal is to move towards more autonomy for professors and assistants with intuitive use, as well as to save time, and to develop new features. Moodle is a Learning Management System which integrates educational activities and content.
The scope of this project for 2017/2018 academic year comprises the activities related to the submission of students’ assignments and the quizzes, which are the activities that had been identified as priorities.

Tools implemented this year

Submission of students’ assignments: After a successful pilot phase in Q1, the Moodle solution will be rolled out in Q2 and Q3.
The previous tool will stop being used starting March 2018.
The requests sent so far to the IT team will be taken care of by the K-lab Digital Learning team, led by Fatima Baigar, who will answer to the assistants on the implementation of this solution.

Online quizzes: the Moodle solution will be deployed, but in a less systematic way. Its integration will be done in consultation with each professor; this year, the two solutions (EasyQuizz from Crossknowledge and Moodle) will co-exist and will be used according to the professors (deadlines / needs / functionalities…)

Other features / activities of Moodle (integration of educational content, communication …) are currently being studied to evaluate the value creation, compared to our current solutions.

What support for Programs/ Faculty ?

The Digital Learning team is mobilized to support the teachers and all those involved in the integration of these new solutions; a set of training tools (tutorials, training, …) is set up:

  • For the professors and for assistants of the Pedagogy, training sessions / presentations are planned in March at Cergy.
  • A team of “referents” within the pedagogical assistants has also been identified to support Faculty as much as possible.
  • At the same time, a training and support process is also planned in March for the EEE programs.
  • Finally, for the Singapore campus, the team will support teachers and assistants during Q3.

For any request of information on the implementation of these new solutions, we have set up an email address: A FAQ is also available to help you.

Do not hesitate to use it for your requests and suggestions!

Sophie Magnanou, Director of K-Lab
Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Associated Dean for Pedagogy