A “poisoned chalice” or “cup of opportunity”: 5 strategies for active teaching and learning in post-pandemic world

Our experience on the way we enhanced students learning experience in times of crisis, using an Active Learning Approach.*

By Reza Kachouie, Director of Teaching and Lecture at Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, Deakin University, Melbourne.

The third pedagogical workshop co-organised by the ESSEC Dean for Pedagogy and the K-lab took place on November 23rd. During the workshop, Reza Kachouie dealt with active learning. Pr. Kachouie is ESSEC professor Ali Shamsollahi’s co-author. Around 30 persons attended the workshop (ESSEC permanent Faculty, lecturers, professors of management practice). This article sums up Pr. Kahouie’s research which was presented and discussed on November 23rd.

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Making students active participants in the evaluation process

How Has the Pandemic Shifted Your Perspective on Grading?

By Adrián Zicari, Teaching Professor, Accounting and Management Control Department
Director of the Center of Excellence Management and Society.

“From the very beginning, we decided on a combination of evaluation tools. Some of those tools are conventional (automatically graded multiple choice exams, for example), but one is not: supervised peer assessments. I have to admit that, at first, I was not convinced this concept would work. But now I see it in a different light.Lire la suite »

Le dit de l’écrit : utilisation du slam comme méthode pédagogique

Par Michel Verneuil, Professeur de Français Langue Étrangère

Au sein du Département de Langues et Cultures, Christophe Brooke, Professeur d’anglais, et Michel Verneuil, professeur de FLE, ont eu l’idée d’utiliser le slam dans l’enseignement des langues à l’ESSEC, avec les étudiants BBA internationaux de niveaux avancés, intermédiaires et MSC.

Les deux professeurs ont présenté les réalisations, des étudiants, au séminaire de langues les 11 et 12 décembre 2019 à l’ESSEC.

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A 100% online course for BBA students abroad

Research methods course 100% online for BBA students in exchange or double-degree programs abroad.

By Cécile Marsault, BBA Dissertation Coordinator, Margaux Piault Sabatini, Instructional Designer – K-lab and Karoline Strauss, Professor of Management and Academic Director of the BBA Dissertations.

This course 100% online in English is lead by Karoline Strauss, Academic Director of the BBA Dissertations. It is the result of cooperation between the K-lab – Learning Center and the BBA for the development of online educational content.Lire la suite »

Let Me Tell You A Story

Crafting Fiction in an Elite Business School

By Michael Kouklakis,  Director – Department of Languages & Cultures. As an educational practitioner interested in utopian praxes, Michael strives to create, develop or encourage the emergence of transformative, meaningful and significant learning experiences in collaborative settings with students and colleagues alike.

To my knowledge we are the only business school in the world that compels an entire incoming class of approximately four hundred students to write an original work of fiction in English. In this respect, short story writing in a business school environment is a highly innovative pedagogical initiative – all the more so when situated in the educational landscape of the French Grandes Écoles system. Lire la suite »

Should we collect students’ evaluations before or after the final grade ?

By Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean for Pedagogy at ESSEC Business School. Emmanuelle writes Cases studies and teaches Case Study Method for the French Clearing house CCMP. More generally, she favors in her teaching interactive methods, such as case studies, project groups, in partnership with companies. 

In ESSEC process, teaching evaluations from students are collected after the end of the course. They are open to students at the end of the last session of the course and closed before the diffusion of the final grade.Lire la suite »