Case Method trainings

Trainings for the Case Method:

writing and teaching a case

The main institutions involved in case distribution and promotion organize trainings all along the year. Designed for various profiles: from the first-timer to the experienced case teacher, for undergraduate or graduate learners, the trainings are generally focused either on teaching or writing cases, though trainers can follow both parts.

Here are the coming sessions :

  • Harvard Business Publishing Education – Boston
    June 21-22, 2019 and August 16-17, 2019 – teaching with cases part I & II
  • Ivey – Toronto, London, Seattle
    May 28 to 31, June 10 to 13, July 9 to 12, August 13 to 16 – Case Teaching and Writing
  • CEIBS – Shanghai
    July 1st to 2nd – Case teaching and development, thematic focuses
  • CCMP (in French) – Paris
    24, 25 et 25, 26 juin – Animer, écrire un cas
  • Case Center – Munich
    July 2-3, 4-5 – Successful Case teaching, Writing effective cases
  • Case Center – London
    May 17 – Teaching with case for undergraduates

Here are also a few details about the content of those sessions :

Harvard for example teaches its seminar in two parts, from the learning contract to the discussion plan, and from the teaching plan to the receiving of feedback.

Teaching topics at Ivey includes on one hand the preparation, teaching plan, management of the classroom and student engagement and on the other hand how to plan and implement a writing process, the field work, the teaching notes and editing of the case.

CEIBS camp will focus on case teaching and development, and experience sharing on specific domains like HRM or Entrepreneurship.

At the CCMP, two seminars of 1 and a half day each can be followed separately or successively to learn how to teach and write cases. Sessions are mostly in french.

Case Workshops are held by the Case Centre regularly, mostly in Europe and a follow-up is sometimes organized for case writers.

Customised workshops may also be organized on demand by the CCMP and the Case Centre for example.

Online resources

If you can’t find a live session corresponding to your needs or availability for now, don’t hesitate to follow the online videos, and consult the free resources here :

Emerald has launched a case learning hub of “four interactive modules on case writing, guiding an author from thinking about writing a case through to evaluating it before submission”.

Stanford gives access to a one hour video about the teaching with the case method on its teaching commons.

Do not hesitate to contact Mathilde Cocherel for more details.