The Handicap & Talents certificate, an educational tool “made in ESSEC” to promote inclusive management

Launched by Elisabeth Forget ESSEC group disability référent, the Handicap & Talents Certificate aims to train the ESSEC community to face the challenges raised by disability in the workplace and to strengthen their position as an inclusive manager, by following during a month a bilingual French-English program of 12 conferences 100% online.

Sponsored by Professor Junko Takagi, Director of the Leadership and Diversity Chair (author of the article Flip or Whiteboard: What’s your choice?) and Laurent Bibard, Professor of Philosophy and Management (author of two articles on Pedagolab), the Handicap & Talents certification program is structured around 4 themes: philosophy & diversity, legal framework, company disability employment policies & innovations and testimonials.

Since 2021, the certificate has been opened to students from CY Alliance schools, thanks a new partnership agreement.

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On the occasion of the launch of the 2023 edition, Laurent Bibard, sponsor since 2015, answered our questions.

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‘Wednesday Night Live’: Socratic Method, Entertainment, and Deep Life Questions at room PA102

By Roman PAVLYUCHENKO, 4th year PhD Student in Marketing at ESSEC.

Roman taught for the time the course Principles of Marketing in the ESSEC Global BBA program.

How was your experience? Did you enjoy it?

Loved it!

How did you prepare?

I read the textbook, and I read the slides prepared by the course administrator. And then, reflected on how every aspect can be ‘spiced up’ from my own research experience.

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Collecting feedback on the anti-plagiarism solution Compilatio

Presentation of the survey results on the anti-plagiarism solution Compilatio, and the way it is used

The Compilatio anti-plagiarism solution has been used at ESSEC for several years. In recent months, however, usage has diversified, particularly due to the integration of Compilatio into Moodle.
Following the implementation of these new features, the K-lab team in charge of plagiarism issues wanted to get some feedback on the matter. They launched a survey aimed at professors and lecturers. The answers were gathered in January and February 2022. 

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“How I survived teaching a massive online course”

Read the testimony of a survivor and learn some tips to survive too

By Adrian Zicari, Professor of Accounting and Management Control and the K-lab team

The first pedagogical workshop took place on February 3rd, co-organised by Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Associate Dean for Pedagogy and the K-lab team. 

The purpose of the workshop was twofold: presenting Professor Zicari’s experience with teaching an online course and some of the digital tools that can help teaching. 20 external lecturers and Faculty attended the workshop, discussing with Prof. Zicari and sharing their own experiences.

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Did you know that business cases in Virtual Reality are being used in class ? 

By the K-lab team of Educational Contents Production at ESSEC Business School. They accompany Professors in the valorization of the cases they write and teach.

IE Business School of Madrid made a case on the design of a “café”, the main protagonist being a consultant who should select the music, the place of the products, the colours…Changes are made in real time and each decision has a feedback.

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Educating Leaders: Participant-Centered Learning

Feedback from my participation in HBS GloColl

By Geneviève Helleringer, Professor at the Public and Private Policy Department

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of participating in the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning Program (GloColl) at Harvard Business School (HBS). It was a wonderful experience. I met colleagues from business schools located in more than 40 countries, and learnt a lot about the Harvard style of participant-centered learning (PCL) and assessment. I also had time to reflect on my own teaching and how to improve it.Lire la suite »

Case Method trainings

Trainings for the Case Method:

writing and teaching a case

The main institutions involved in case distribution and promotion organize trainings all along the year. Designed for various profiles: from the first-timer to the experienced case teacher, for undergraduate or graduate learners, the trainings are generally focused either on teaching or writing cases, though trainers can follow both parts.Lire la suite »

A 100% online course for BBA students abroad

Research methods course 100% online for BBA students in exchange or double-degree programs abroad.

By Cécile Marsault, BBA Dissertation Coordinator, Margaux Piault Sabatini, Instructional Designer – K-lab and Karoline Strauss, Professor of Management and Academic Director of the BBA Dissertations.

This course 100% online in English is lead by Karoline Strauss, Academic Director of the BBA Dissertations. It is the result of cooperation between the K-lab – Learning Center and the BBA for the development of online educational content.Lire la suite »