Did you know that business cases in Virtual Reality are being used in class ? 

By the K-lab team of Educational Contents Production at ESSEC Business School. They accompany Professors in the valorization of the cases they write and teach.

IE Business School of Madrid made a case on the design of a “café”, the main protagonist being a consultant who should select the music, the place of the products, the colours…Changes are made in real time and each decision has a feedback.

INSEAD tested a VR strategy case on the 5th February, world case teaching day, on a juice bar in Zanzibar :  should they diversify their offer of juices?


Neoma sells a VR case on the CCMP website.

Virtual Reality is based on two elements: the technological tools making the experience available, and the presence of the learner, who subjectively constructs the experience. The main advantage of VR when it is done well is immersion, that increases retention rates of learned items quantitatively and through time. So, why not apply this innovation to case study?  Actually, ESSEC is already a pioneer in this domain with the Management Game issued in 2018.

ESSEC Business Cases Collection is made up of a majority of pdf cases, either briefcases or standard cases. Discover few cases in multimedia format, offering navigation as in a website.

A few more cases also contains video parts: interviews, extracts from companies advertising campaigns or communication: See BlablaCar: the Emergence of a new Market for example.

Now is coming 360 video, also known as virtual reality, added to a case, or constituting the main part of a case. Management Game, developed in 2018 by K-lab producing team with the collaboration of Professor David Autissier explores this innovation path


Using a 360° and virtual Reality visual editor, the K-lab team is able to add interactive sequences to this immersive videos, so as to create an even more engaging learning experience. 


If you would like to write a case in virtual reality, all the most an interactive one, you will have to focus on:

  • storytelling and writing of a script 
  • exposing a real problem, as in a standard case

The k-lab can accompany your project of creation of cases in Virtual Reality on the following perimeter: help with the conception of the scenario of the case and reflection on the elements of interactivity, 3D realization,  360 °capture.

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