Apply for the first edition of the CGE award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning!

Educational innovation is a priority for the grandes écoles. The CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) is very active in this area, and takes a collective approach to the challenges of innovation in education, with all of its members. In order to reward schools that are particularly involved in this dynamic, the CGE is launching its first Educational Innovation Award.

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“How I survived teaching a massive online course”

Read the testimony of a survivor and learn some tips to survive too

By Adrian Zicari, Professor of Accounting and Management Control and the K-lab team

The first pedagogical workshop took place on February 3rd, co-organised by Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Associate Dean for Pedagogy and the K-lab team. 

The purpose of the workshop was twofold: presenting Professor Zicari’s experience with teaching an online course and some of the digital tools that can help teaching. 20 external lecturers and Faculty attended the workshop, discussing with Prof. Zicari and sharing their own experiences.

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The New Learning Experience 

By Jeroen Rombouts, Professor of Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics

Jeroen Rombouts received the special jury award (along with Florence Cavelius).

I would like to express my gratitude for this great award from the ESSEC Foundation. As data and analytics research professor and holder of the Strategic Business Analytics Chair sponsored by Accenture, it is a great honour to be rewarded with a teaching prize.

Teaching post pandemic will need to incorporate the positive aspects of online learning that ESSEC professors had to master in a few weeks rather than a few years.

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Chalk and Pixels

A breath of digital into the classroom

By Cristina Terra, Professor of Economics, Academic Director of IMD track, Global BBA. Christina believes that human connection is the most efficient driver of the learning process, and that digital technology may be used as a tool to enhance interaction and participatory learning.

Cristina Terra received the “Daniel Tixier” Pedagogical Experience award.

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Count, Think and Live!

Teaching in the Time of Lockdown

By Chrystelle Richard, Associate Professor of Financial Accounting and Sustainable Reporting. Chrystelle sees her teaching as the transmission of a treasure that is knowledge. She offers her students a demanding curriculum of techniques and expertise that are essential to the conquest of their own freedom to think and decide.

Chrystelle Richard received the Teaching Excellence award 2021, in the category “Permanent Professors”.

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Etudiante en visio

Les étudiants évaluent-ils moins bien les cours en 100% en ligne ?

Le cas des cours de mise à niveau de la Grande Ecole

Par Emmanuelle LE NAGARD, Professeur de Marketing, Doyenne Associée à la Pédagogie. Emmanuelle s’intéresse depuis toujours à la méthode des cas, et la met en œuvre dans ses enseignements de la pédagogie par projets.

Ces deux dernières années académiques ont vu le passage, contraint et forcé par la situation sanitaire, des cours d’une modalité en présentiel, à une modalité en distanciel, que ce soit en 100% en ligne, ou sous un mode « dual », avec des étudiants en salle de classe et d’autres en ligne. L’inquiétude des enseignants est souvent grande concernant l’implication et la satisfaction des étudiants à l’égard de ce dernier mode pédagogique.

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